SPOTLIGHT: High Risk Training

High Risk Training (HRT) is an Ohio based training firm offering wide variety's of courses to Military, LEO and responsible Civilian shooters. President and CEO Jeem Newland and his hand picked associates come from various backgrounds in the MIL, LEO, and Civilian communities including US Marine Expeditionary Forces, QRF's, Surface Warfare Anti-Terrorist Team and NRA certified instructors to name a few.

Vehicle interdiction during the Basic Swat course at HRT's training Facility 

Training is as diverse at HRT with course from ranging from weapons manipulation to medical/first aid courses. they also can tailor a course based on the clients requirements. Mil and LEO courses can be anything from dynamic entry to learning how to plan and execute a mission. 

HRT team shows of breaching skills during a marketing shoot.

Another up and coming part of HRT is their marketing and product development departments. which have seen significant growth over the last year, with the release of their Hasty Response Trauma Kit and with several new clients including Aglite gear, Beamshot, and Force One Armor. They also maintain long term relationships with companies like Pantac USA and many others. 

The curriculum at HRT is ever growing and the company looks to be one of the major players in the industry 

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