New tactical Mini-Series "Fargo" gets its first tralier

The team down at High Risk Training and its partners have released the following trailer for they're upcoming mini-series Fargo. While the premises of the story has yet to be revealed, the trailer lets you know that its sure to be action packed.

Shooters Deals: AK-74

In this new weekly segment I'll be posting about where to find bargain pricing on a specific firearms. The overall goal will be to find a total weapons package for under $1000. (Please note not that these prices do not include shipping and receiving fees that usually accompany firearm purchases)

SPOTLIGHT: The Activity

As a fan of Image from back when they produced comics that were based of my favorite childhood video game, Street Fighter. It was no surprise that they; along Nathan Edmondson captured me with another one of my interest with comic titles like Dancer, the Jake Ellis series, and my favorite series The Activity.

DEFCON x Vans Syndicate Shoes now releasing

Old Skool and Sk8-Hi Notchback

DEFCON and Vans Syndicate collaborate to release are  two new digital camo patterned shoe models. Both are based on the the newest U.S. Navy uniform, and are also something that a trend could develop from . 

Best-selling author Tom Clancy passes

Tom Clancy

It has been confirmed via multiple news sources and  Mr Clancy's publisher that best-selling author Tom Clancy passed away last night in a hospital in Baltimore at the age of 66.

D.o.D awards Lockheed $3.4 Billion contract for F-35 while A-10 Thunderbolt likely to get the boot.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the Department of Defense awarded a $3.4 billion contract to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to build fighter planes for the U.S military along with foreign services. The terms of the contract are that, the Lockheed will expand its manufacturing of various models of the F-35 fighter plane.

Team Wendy to release EXFIL LTP soon

A Render of the Exfil LTP

On Monday Team Wendy via Facebook released the photo (seen below) to announce that the Exfil LTP helmets release was only days away. This follows success of the original Exfil carbon helmet which was released around the same time last year.

4 Hi-quality Reddot Sight options for $200 and under

A list of red dot sights that I've use, my friends and colleagues have used, and that have been given high ratings by consumers. This is just my opinion however and i'm sure that there are other capable red dot sights out the for a good prices.


AR styled 308 rifles have been regaining popularity lately within the firearms community over the last year. Companies from big to small have also joined the fray with the introductions of new 308 riflesAnd so i figured it was time to look into a 308 AR of my own.

Magpul Industries MOE AK grip now shipping

MOE AK grip on a AK patterned rifle

Magpul industries has started shipping the new MOE AK grip, and its already selling out at retailers like Bravo Company USA . But that's no surprise as the grip caught everyone's eye at Shot Show earlier this year. 

LOADOUT: Cyclone Plate Carrier by Condor Outdoor

Cyclone Pate Carrier

I was recently able to get my hands on the cyclone plate carrier from Condor outdoor from a buddy who loaned it to me. And while i haven't had enough to give it a complete test and review, my initial impressions of this 100% made in America plate carrier are very positive. 

SPOTLIGHT: High Risk Training

High Risk Training (HRT) is an Ohio based training firm offering wide variety's of courses to Military, LEO and responsible Civilian shooters. President and CEO Jeem Newland and his hand picked associates come from various backgrounds in the MIL, LEO, and Civilian communities including US Marine Expeditionary Forces, QRF's, Surface Warfare Anti-Terrorist Team and NRA certified instructors to name a few.

ARMA 3 Launches

Armed Assault 3 or Arma 3 as its better known as, launches this week from independent developer Bohemia Interactive. this comes after a long cooperative alpha and beta phases between the Czech based developer and players in the Arma community.  The result is what most call, the most vast and realistic Sandbox military simulator on the market (or ever in some opinions).