AR styled 308 rifles have been regaining popularity lately within the firearms community over the last year. Companies from big to small have also joined the fray with the introductions of new 308 riflesAnd so i figured it was time to look into a 308 AR of my own.

MK3 CBR Photo from CMMG

As you can probably guess, as soon as i started looking into these rifles, the prices i was met with made me ball up and cry in a corner. I think the cheapest gun with the features i wanted was the LMT MWS, and it was almost $3000. I'm a college student, and my money is alright, but i'm gonna have to say no to anything  above $1500.

MK3 CBR front view Photo from CMMG

And like an angel out of the sky, in fly's an CMMG MK3 CBR.  This rifle features a 416 stainless steel 16" match barrel, with a 1:10" rate of twist and a Surefire SOCOM adapter muzzle break. It also has a full length free floating Revo KeyMod hand guard, Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SAA) 2 stage trigger, low profile gas block, and Magpul furniture.

MK3 CBR side view Photo from CMMG

The suggested retail price for this rifle is about 1999.95, but with my remarkable luck i was able to get it for way less, although i didn't have all the money at one time so i made a down payment (insert poor person joke). But I was able to shoot it the same day and have to say that I am in love with it.

Revo Key-mod Photo from CMMG

The MK3 CBR is extremely light for a 308 rifle, even with a trijicon SRS, surefire light (don't remember model), and some other extra's, i was able to bring the rifle the rifle on target with no problem. This is due impart to  mostly impart to the superb Revo key-mod rail system, which was also recently made available for AR-15 platforms. Ill update this post once I get it paid off and have a full review of my setup.

For more information about the MK3 CBR  please visit: http://www.cmmginc.com 

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