4 Hi-quality Reddot Sight options for $200 and under

A list of red dot sights that I've use, my friends and colleagues have used, and that have been given high ratings by consumers. This is just my opinion however and i'm sure that there are other capable red dot sights out the for a good prices.

Bushnell TRS-25
Pros: light weight, holds zero, 3 MOA reticle, ready out the box for pistols, shotguns, and AK pattern rifle(depends on mounts). 

Cons: fixed sight base, requires riser (sold separately) for AR-15 patterned rifles, rubber lens could be better.

Best price found:$81

Lucid HD7
Pros: Auto brightness sensor, multiple reticle options, durability

Cons: Acog size minus the magnification, weight, FDE colored model doesn't quite match most other FDE colored products.

Best price found:$189

Vortex Strikefire
Pros: Red & green dot,  Aimpoint quality and semi features at 1/4 the price, 

Cons: On/off button too easy to inadvertently activate,  

Best price found:$150

Burris Fastfire II
Pros: Affordable used as offset optics, great alternative to Trijicon RMR, super lightweight, Waterproof.

Cons: Difficult to sight in due to size of locking screws 

Best price found:$199(sight alone)

If you liked the information on this post, share it with your friends. And for all these weapon sight products and many more like them, please visit the guys down at www.opticsplanet.com (they are also the source of photos shown above)

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