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As a fan of Image from back when they produced comics that were based of my favorite childhood video game, Street Fighter. It was no surprise that they; along Nathan Edmondson captured me with another one of my interest with comic titles like Dancer, the Jake Ellis series, and my favorite series The Activity.

Releasing back in 2011 from Nathan Edmondson and artist Mitch Gerads; The Activity is named after a undisclosed black ops outfit of the U.S. Army called the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), who are called in not for their brute force but for their expertise at defusing explosive situations. You might say they're the clean up crew of the special operations community. 

The series realism is one of its biggest draw in,  focusing on the actions of Team Omaha, a fictional direct action team within ISA consisting of five operators who conduct snatch and grabs, physiological warfare tactics, and direct action missionin various international locations with the support of other special units within the U.S special operation command (USSOCOM or SOCOM) and even international Spec-ops units like the British SAS. 

Even with all the serious situations that Team Omaha finds themselves in, the series maintains a level of humor and personal struggle that helps readers understand and relate to the characters in some way. 

The Activity has also gained popularity within the tactical training and product communities. With companies such as ITS Tactical recommending the it. And Crye precision's products being featured throughout the series, along with advertisements  drawn by Mitch Gerads himself.

All in all, I highly suggest checking out The Activity. I've been reading it for 2 years and every book has kept me engaged and wanting more.     

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