Best-selling author Tom Clancy passes

Tom Clancy

It has been confirmed via multiple news sources and  Mr Clancy's publisher that best-selling author Tom Clancy passed away last night in a hospital in Baltimore at the age of 66.

Clancy Books

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Tom Clancy  studied literature at the Loyola College in Baltimore and was originally an insurance salesman before becoming famous for for his literary works.Clancy later became celebrated novelist who's work produced award wining books, movies, video games, which were all  popular for being highly technically detailed espionage and military science pieces.

A few of the Clancy Video Game titles

In 1996, Clancy  co-founded the  video game developer   Red Storm Entertainment  and has had his name on several of Red Storm's most successful games. Red Storm was later bought by publisher Ubisoft Entertainment, but his name still remains on several titles including the award winning Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell titles.

A few of the Clancy movies

Speaking as someone who has read, watched, and played almost all of Mr Clancy's titles; I am deeply saddened by this news, and my prayers go out to his family.  

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